Changing Landscapes

Colorado is changing. Every aspect of life in this city has been touched in recent years by the changing economy here. Perhaps one of the most effected communities is the arts community.

The arts districts are slowly pricing out the artists that built the culture of those areas. Blake Street Glass is no exception, a glass studio that has been located in RiNo for over 30 years. They are now selling and moving on, leaving the short one more pillar of their community that built it into the trendy are it has become.

Changing Landscapes

The Arts community in Denver has been changing steadily through the years and perhaps more quickly now than ever. Sitting down with two artists that are rooted in this community but separated by decades in both terms of age and experience provided a unique chance to see how they would respond to the same questions. Click through these exerts from the interviews to explore the different generational lenses presented side by side.














How did you start out in the glass community in Denver?











How have you seen the culture in Denver change?











How has the growing economy affected artists?











What will artists due to combat rising rents?